Tuesday, November 03, 2015

New Yarn Joy

rainbow yarn
rainbow yarn

I don't really have much to offer in terms of stunning insights (not that you're really reading my blog for those) or knitting tips, or tricks or anything of the sort - I just thought I would share you with some pretty pictures of some new yarn: Rico Design Superba Poems in Tropical. I picked this up in Wool in Bath when I was there - it's now a lovely pair of long and cosy socks, but I really loved these pictures I took when it was all wound up.

The weird thing is, I'm really a truth goth at heart, never growing out of my pre-teen emo days, the majority of my clothes are monochrome, with odd splashes of navy, brown or oxblood creeping in - however when it comes to socks, I go mad, and just want anything fluorescent, multicoloured, pastel and bright.

Anyway, I'll show you the socks I made soon enough, but I've really been lusting after all kinds of new yarns since I put myself on a self imposed yarn ban, which I might save a discussion around for another post, however it just means I've been pinning all kinds of lovely yarn... Look at that beautiful brown and blue-grey one below: be still my heart.

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