Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's almost Halloween....

Part of me really loves Halloween, I think because as a kid my mum always used to make all kinds of treats and decorations for us, as trick or treating was never really a thing where we grew up. I do quite enjoy it still, even if I don't really dress up or 
I did, however, win a half-day at work today by winning at a Halloween themed quiz - I think it's mainly to do with my love of Witches...


A few years ago, I shared a trilogy of posts regarding my favourite Halloween posts, and thought I'd re-link these here incase any is looking for some festive film inspiration last minute..

Part one: Witch edition
Part two: the cheesy feel-good Halloween films edition 
Part three: the actual Scary movies, may or may not come with a warning!

What are you up to this Halloween? 
I hope you have a fun and safe one whatever the case!
I'm on a definite mission to carve a pumpkin later today...

(Images taken from Pinterest, photo credits where possible are provided on Pinterest.)

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