Friday, September 11, 2015

How to get a better night's sleep...

I am a reformed insomniac - when I was younger I struggled a lot with sleeping. I mean full on, several days where I didn't sleep, and you turn into someone from the walking dead. In more recent years I have got better, and as such I am intensely precious about sleeping, and getting the best nights sleep that I can.

how to get a better nights sleep
how to get a better nights sleep

There are certain things I've learned over the years to get the best nights sleep possible, and I thought I'd share them with you..

  • GET COMFY: Get your bed to be in the comfiest state possible, get your nicest sheets on, put your comfiest PJ's on (mine are currently this adorable rabbit t-shirt and shorts set from Next) with my lovely Christy bedding
  • PAMPER TIME: I find that it's really nice to spend some time by yourself. I know that's sometimes difficult in an time of constant contact, of smartphones & social media. I find it amazing to turn your phone off, paint your nails, have a bath, put a face mask on or slather yourself in moisturiser. This will help adjust your internal clock too, as there is a wavelength in the blue light that comes from a laptop or smartphone that can affect your circadian rhythms. 
  • AROMATHERAPY HOUR: There is something weirdly calming about smells, isn't there? I find the the best thing is this beautiful tobbacco & patchouli candle, which smells wonderful, and the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate facial oil does the trick also (it must be all those lovely smelling essential oils, as it sends me off to sleep every time.
  • RELAXING READING: Similarly to pampering yourself, I highly recommend just reading something before bed (not your Twitter timeline, either) - it relaxes the brain and mentally quietens your brain for sleep by making you concentrate. I particularly like these little black classics from Penguin, as they're interesting enough, but short enough to not feel guilty for falling asleep on.
  • KEEP IT DARK: I've recently discovered the use of a sleep mask, and I'm hooked. I never really understand these, particularly as I used to not be able to sleep without background noise or something to listen to, and always thought they were kind of stupid. However my mum knocked me this one up to see if I could get some use out of it and amazingly, I love it. I think it's also a mental thing, like telling my body, it's time to sleep now, but it works... 

How do you get the best nights sleep?

how to get a better nights sleep
how to get a better nights sleep

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you okay? and #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

You may or may not be aware that today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. I know the day is almost over, and I wasn't aware that today had this title or of the RUOK? movement.

I get that people don't talk about these things, that sometimes it's easier just to not say anything, and pretend that it will end. Sometimes it feels like days can last for years and winters can last for centuries when things are very dark, it's hard to understand why the world is trying to do this to you. I can offer you a thousand beautiful quotes about sticking around, but this won't shift a crippling mental illness, and I know this, and you know this. What helps are support networks and healthy coping mechanisms, and all those things you know you should be doing, like talking to people, but you keep it quiet, instead.

So please stay, please talk to someone, things can improve if you give it time and if you give it a chance, but more importantly, if you talk to someone.

Are you okay?


And maybe if romantic quotes do work for you, here is a personal favourite, from someone that has come out the other side, and can vouch for things getting better, even when things seem so hopeless...

Maybe even if we're not always so glad to be here, it's our task to immerse ourselves anyway: wade straight through it, right through the cesspool, while keeping eyes and hearts open.