Sunday, August 16, 2015

weekend wanderings #72

lifestyle blog links
  • This week I made fun of bloggers and their peony obsession (in jest), and shared my recipe for banana matcha ice-cream
  • More pretties from the upcoming Ikea collection - the cork jars and the soft furnishings look right up my street.
  • I've never tried panna cotta - maybe I've been living under a rock - but I'm willing to give it a go for salted caramel panna cotta.
  • There are so many places I want to visit - my aunt is sending me pictures from Dubrovnik, and the internet is telling me to visit Slovenia...
  • Freya's pictures from Pakistan are so interesting and beautiful, I highly recommend her blog if you have not taken the time to check it out. 
  • I want to read more by Margaret Atwood - and Jennie has reviewed The Edible Woman, which looks very interesting. 
  • Being nice is something that as a bit of a bitch, I find hard to do - it's something I need to work on. I even make fun of the word nice...!
  • I often link things from Spoon and Tamago, an amazing blog that shows weird and wonderful creative things from Japan: but I would suggest it if you love finding odd things that you had no idea you wanted to see. Like this sprawling treehouse, or these sweet little animated gifs, not unlike something from a Studio Ghibli film
  • Another week, another ice-cream (I refuse to acknowledge the fact we're half-way through August!): roasted banana and coconut ice-cream
  • I am visiting the Peak district in a few weeks, and I know that's not quite Yorkshire, but the dales and ridings of Yorkshire county and all that it has to offer is somewhere I wouldn't say no to spending some time. 
  • I was eagerly awaiting the photos from Rosie's honeymoon: she does not disappoint. 
  • I should not read Alice's blog, it gives me unrealistic expectations of life, generally, but holidays, too.
  • Like Kate, I have dreams of planting a wildflower meadow in the garden, but I need to make sure I follow these guidelines.  
  • I need to keep telling myself that where I live is beautiful too, because I forget. 
  • Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is not very far from where a lot of my family live, but it looks so beautiful - I must make a point of visiting. 
  • As per usual, I cannot resist a good garden, this week it's the Botanical Gardens in Berlin
  • I always forget that my garden birds are not the same elsewhere, they're just such staples in my life, that it would be weird not to see them every day.
  • Ruth's tour of the lovely little shops and quirky spaces of the PMQ in Hong Kong are making me want to visit there, also. 

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