Sunday, August 02, 2015

weekend wanderings #70

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  • I shared my recipe for lemon and thyme bars this week, which seemed to go down well, and I want to try making them again! 
  • This morning I also shared my lovely new whale measuring cups I picked up from Anthropologie... 
  • The problem with following lots of beautiful blogs, is getting ideas from all their beautiful holidays... Recently, Croatia has been calling to me, and I really want to visit. There's also Slovenia, and all these beautiful places that I've never considered until recently. Or Turkey, which has been on my wishlist for years, along with Kefalonia. Or even the Grand Canyon in America...
  • Then there is also Venice, which I have visited before (though I'm not sure I ever shared with you my photos?!) and has captured my heart with it's aqua water and skies.
  • I don't visit the South Downs nearly often enough - considering they're practically on my doorstep, I really should... 
  • On a similar note, I forget how beautiful this country is, how much I love our coastline: Cornwall and Devon really have my heart.
  • I love Tayler's blog: kittens and sunsets and general Portland beautifulness
  • This weeks edition of homes to lust after: Jason Grant's house in Rue. The colour, the plants, the furniture, the paintings.. so perfect.
  • I think you can tell my mood by how many travel posts there are linked today - but I'm so excited for my New York trip later this year, I'm devouring posts like Georgina's for the best tips and places to visit. 
  • I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't excited for the 2016 Ikea catalogue collection - there are some gems in there - the greenery, the wood, the cork, the glass, the colours... 
  • In general, he quality and styling of the photos on THAT GRACE GIRL's blog make me want to buy all the beautiful items, but I love the brand Aesop, and I really want to try their haircare
  • Sunsets are precious, the golden hour even more so. They remind me of my childhood and lazy summers. 
  • I discovered Sarah's blog a fortnight or so ago, and I'm so smitten with it: The Salty Sea Blog reminds me of all my holidays as a child, and I am in love with her dreamy photography.
  • I've finally got around to putting my name on the allotment waiting list (one of my goals for the year)! After losing ours last year, I've missed it terribly, so even if I have to wait a while, I can live vicariously through Rachel's green fingered exploits
  • As a girl that has never been 'skinny' (conventionally, etc) - I know that I've probably skinny shamed in the past, and I forget that it can be as harmful as fat shaming, so I really enjoyed this post from Saoirse
  • There is something about road-trips that I just adore - I have a few coming up with my friend Gemma around the UK, and whilst it isn't as exciting as Sophie's trips to Canada, Australia and Hawaii, they'll do.
  • And to round off this summery, travel heavy post: have a summer playlist to go along with these far-off places and pretty photographs. :)

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