Sunday, August 02, 2015

new in: whale measuring cups by anthropologie

I like whales so much that I knitted one, once. He sits on the end of my bed with my pile of cushions, and was affectionately named Hector, which has stuck, despite me generally just using him to wedge against my stomach when I was ill.
I have a whole board on Pinterest for my love of all things whale-related, so when I was in the Anthropologie during the sale, I had to pick up these little guys.

whale measuring cups anthropologie
whale measuring cups anthropologie
whale measuring cups anthropologie

They were reduced in the sale, down from £28, to a bearable £16, and come in four sizes, each with a cute face, and the measurement marked in the base. I don't know if they'll get used for this intention, as I would worry about washing them too much, but they're certainly adorable.

These innocent creatures were also an odd catalyst - I was stood in the queue, these ceramic whales clutched in my hands, so proud of my Sale find, and realised that this is what I wanted. A little place of my own, that smells of the grapefruit candles they sell in there, with cushions and soft furnishings galore, colourful mugs and plates to serve things on. I've been putting away chunks of my earnings for quite some time now, sacrificing pay-day treats and my bonus for several years, and recently I've started a new job that pays well, and has more prospects.
So it can all be a reality, soon. A place of my own. Now I just need to get the bank statements out, and work out how much I can afford... then I get to start looking? Wish me luck...

whale measuring cups anthropologie

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