Monday, August 17, 2015

New in: gold jewellery from Accessorize

Maybe it has something to do with growing up in the early nineties, when gold hoop earrings were the height of 'chav' - but I've never really been one for gold jewellery. With the exception of a few special 'hand-me-down' pieces (which you can read about here in my everyday jewellery post) I generally always opt for silver - until recently, that is..

accessorize gold jewellery
accessorize gold jewellery
accessorize gold jewellery
accessorize gold jewellery

Recently, I've realised that it's obviously so fashionable for a reason - all these pieces I've been wearing were picked up at different times from Accessorize - who are really knocking it out the park with their new Z by Acessorize range, in particular. I love the shiny gold chains, semi-precious stones, and dainty charms - I want it all. Before you ask - this post isn't sponsored - I just really love their new jewellery!
For work, I wear a lot of plain shirts, blouses and tops - and I really wanted a few pieces to brighten up the outfits - and add a little bit of individuality to my work 'uniform'. I particularly love the plain gold chain, it goes with anything.

Also, please excuse my beautiful, but scratched coffee table, it's a well loved piece of furniture that my grandfather made - but it has seen better days unfortunately.


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