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Banana Matcha Ice-Cream Recipe

There are processes I go through when trying out a new recipe, the first stage starts with that excitable joy. That hope that this it will be the best cake/dessert/dish I've ever made, I'll take it to dinner parties and pass it on to my children in recipe books. Then there is that middle stage, that, I'm not really convinced by this, why are they telling me to use 5 bowls and three pans - that seems excessive, right? Is it supposed to be that consistency? It looks a bit like it'd curdling/burning/falling apart... Then you follow it through to the end, and it's actually not quite good - this ice-cream recipe summed up that process completely.

When this was a mushy greenish paste, I was completely not convinced. But it actually tastes really good - don't let the odd, yellowish green consistency put you off!

banana matcha ice cream
banana matcha ice cream

Keep reading for the recipe...

- 3 bananas, peeled, sliced and frozen overnight
- 3 tablespoons of single cream (or full fat milk of your choice, non dairy options work also)
- 1 tablespoon green tea matcha powder (I got mine from Tesco)
- Honey to taste

1. Using ripe bananas, peel and cut into pieces, and freeze for several hours (or overnight) in a bag.
2. When you want to make the ice-cream - pour the cream/milk into a bowl, and whisk until full combined and it makes a paste.
3. Take the bananas out of the freezer, and place in a food processor or good blender. Blend until the bananas are a smooth mixture.
4. Add the matcha paste and continue blending the banana. It will be crumbly at first, then will begin to mush up a bit. The longer it blends, it will start to get creamy and the texture will be smooth.
5. At this point, add any extra ingredients (like nuts, fruit, or chocolate chips) and add honey to your taste.
6. You can eat the ice cream right away or place into an air-tight, freezer-safe container and freeze until solid.
Recipe adapted from here.
I adapted this from the original - because that's what I do and I like to live life on the edge. But really, I didn't have any non-dairy milk, or much milk at all, but I had a tub of single cream, so threw that in, instead.

In hindsight, this doesn't need the second freezing. Really, what I would suggest is freezing some bananas, letting them thaw ever so slightly, then blending them with some single cream and a little bit of sweetener if necessary, and eating it straight from the blender. (I may or may not have eaten this from the blender...)

The matcha powder adds a bit of a kick, and a little zestiness. You can also pretend that it's healthy for you, I suppose, but it can definitely do without it if you don't have it.

Have you tried making any ice-cream? I also shared a pina-colada ice-cream recipe earlier this summer which I highly recommend..!
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banana matcha ice cream
banana matcha ice cream

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