Sunday, July 19, 2015

weekend wanderings #68

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  • Did you miss my summer reading update this week, or the summer fragrance I've been loving for these sunny July days? 
  • I'm a sucker for photographs of an idyllic summer afternoon.
  • Sock knitting is amazing for travelling and picking up and putting down, but it comes with it's own challenges, here is a great post of sock knitting FAQ's.
  • Katie, of Long May She Rain, has got an adorable new arrival: Mia. The cutest puppy I've seen in a long time! 
  • Some great tips for working from home. Even if you don't have a team or an office and are just a blogger, these are really great tips.
  • Strobing is now apparently a thing, contouring is done, apparently. Is it weird that I have literally always contoured and/or 'strobed' (if you will)? Since I got into makeup in a big way at like 14-16, I've contoured and highlighted. Am I a trendsetter or just weird? Answers on a postcard. 
  • For all you hipsters/illuminati out there - an Instagram of triangles. That grid though, oh wow.
  • The pictures in this 1946 yearbook are beautiful - such great hair, clothes, style, and sayings. So cute!
  • I really want to see a bit more of Scotland, particularly the islands, and this tour of historic sites around Orkney is not helping matters. Everyone says Scotland is beautiful in the summer and I really want to see for myself...
  • Ohhhhh yes: peanut butter granola bars. Need I say more?
  • I'm certain I featured Homestead Seattle in one form or another last week - but their aesthetic is literally my dream. See their tumblr for more joy.
  • I probably feature Door Sixteen most weeks too, but they've found a collection of pink kitchens, which I oddly really love.
  • Found on Pinterest this week, chocolate pull apart rolls. You're welcome!  
  • These adorable little knitted jumpers remind me of things my mum would've knitted for me and my brothers; so sweet!
  • These photographs of Tollymore Forest Park and a Yeats poem go so well together. 
  • A mammoth post, but well worth sitting down to read: Ruth's Hong Kong photo diary is spot on. 
  • I thought these Star Wars prints were so cool, very Japanese and just perfect.
  • Why is it when me and mum start reminiscing about certain dishes, I see recipes for it everywhere? I've seen two for a pineapple upside down cake, this weekend alone..
  • I also found and fell in love with The Salty Sea Blog this week. Sarah takes us on a trip along the ocean road: one my parents used to take us on every year to the seaside town of Croyde for our family holidays. So many adorable memories.. 

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