Sunday, July 05, 2015

weekend wanderings #66

  • I'm giving away a copy of Clariel by Garth Nix
  • I also shared with you my recipe for Pina Colada ice-cream - I'm officially off ice-lollies (so last summer!) and into ice-cream with a passion. 
  • All the colour and texture in Louise Zhang's artwork and studio, is like a visual feast, I could spend hours staring at her work. 
  • I really want to up my game with my food photography, so I might have to source some props over the next few weeks, so this is really useful to read.
  • I'm beginning to master the heatwave makeup (SPF and as little as possible!) but I loved Oly's skincare for a hot day moving house. 
  • If I could be bothered to caramelise some bananas in the morning, I would definitely have them on my porridge.
  • Small houses full of greenery and wood is all I want from my future. Mardi Doherty's home is a close contender.
  • These vintage colour photos look like they've come out of an issue of Oh Comely, I'm in love with the soft focus of them. 
  • Black houses are seriously cool. 
  • York is one of those places I've wanted to visit for ages, and Stephanie's photos are aboslutely amazing, particularly those in the museums she's visited. It looks so gothic and ancient, and has definitely jumped up my list of places to visit. 
  • What is the most beautiful thing you've read? I want to do this on my blog...  
  • My friend and I are off to New York in the autumn, and I can't wait to do some shopping in the city.
  • Of recent years, I've been quite lucky with heatwaves, as I used to work inside a heavily air-conditioned supermarket. This week I endured it in an office - such a different game, I understand #heatwave, now.
  • Summer is a time for salads and thrown together food - so I've fallen in love with the look of this sweet potato salad, and I want to give it a go.
  • Since making my ice-cream the other week and realising quite how easy it is - it makes me want to try out other kinds, and this peach and bourbon ice-cream looks amazing.
  • I'm also seriously tempted by this roasted cherry and lavender ice-cream
  • As always, Eleanor talks seasonal living in July - it is my absolute favourite month to spend lazing around outdoors whenever possible. Our garden table broke this week so I spent yesterday sprawled on the grass with my magazine - so perfect.
  • I've also discovered two new blogs that are beautiful and amazing. I feel like they've captured my youth, somehow, in completely different entities. Mitenska looks like everything I remember from my childhood, but with more horses, and Sophie Isobel Asher just reminds me of my mum in an odd way. 


  1. Love all these great links. Thanks for sharing!

    Young London

  2. I agree - Thanks for sharing all these gems!


  3. Thanks for the mention Clare! Mitenska and Sophie Isobel Asher are just amazing - glad you've found them :) and now I'm feeling inspired to make some ice cream. It would be rude not to in this heat!


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