Thursday, July 23, 2015

taking stock #10

taking stock

Making: I'm still knitting my brothers sweater, but I'm getting so close to finishing, now...
Cooking: not a whole lot - it's been too hot!
Drinking: trying to drink more water. Realistically, iced coffee, iced tea, iced anything.
Reading: Vermilion Sands, JG Ballard.
Wanting: to spend long lazy days in the sun.
Watching: Hannibal, season two, because I wanted to watch season three and couldn't remember what happened...
Eating: way too much junk food.
Deciding: nothing - nothing at all.
Wishing: I could heal a bit quicker!
Enjoying: sleeping with the window open - blissful.
Waiting: for my New York trip - impatient as always.
Loving:  lie-ins, slow sunsets.
Needing: more days off to finish my knitting and reading!
Smelling: this Instant Texture Mist - it smells so good.
Wearing: a pyjama top from Next with bunny rabbits on it... and some blue pyjama bottoms.
Thinking: about trips, my head in the clouds, as I often am.
Hearing: old Bruce Springsteen songs.
Feeling: a bit anxious, but I'm not sure why.
Buying: peony plants for the garden.
Getting: ready to return to work!


  1. Hey, nice post!

    I won your book didn't I?! I've not received it yet (I hope it was your comp and I've not just seen a photo of Clariel in your image feed haha!) xx

  2. such a simple post but great to read, esp for us nosy guys!



  3. I have passed on your details for them to send it on - if you don't get it soon, I can ask them again, sorry!

  4. I'm nosy too - I love things like this!


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