Friday, June 19, 2015

Q #52

sylvia plath quote

I was having with a discussion with my father last weekend about books - which is odd, if you know us. My father and I have differing opinions, about virtually everything, and he is not much of a reader, so to open up this dialogue is a little odd, but it was happening. His point was something along the lines of a book is only good when it helps you to understand the point of view of another person. I couldn't disagree more, at this point.

It is probably an arrogant stance, but the books I place most highly, are ones that help me gain a further understanding about myself. I think one of the greatest feelings, is to read the words that someone else has put down weeks, years, decades or even centuries before that moment, and feeling a piece of your brain slot in place like a jigsaw. There is a feeling of affinity that rushes back to you from somewhere you didn't know existed - and it's like something makes sense, suddenly. It might not be a giant piece of the jigsaw, nor a crucial part like a corner or an edge, but a piece that helps build something bigger...

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