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homemade pina colada ice-cream recipe!

Look, I could've easily gone with a if you like dancing in the rain, you'll like my ice-cream sort of title, but thought I'd be chill, because I was hoping I'd get your attention anyway with this bowl of deliciousness.

pina colada ice cream recipe
pina colada ice cream recipe

This is no recipe of mine, but one from Nigella Lawson, whose way of describing food disturbs me (something too sensual about it for my British sensitivities) but her recipes are always some of the very best. I suppose that's why she's good at what she does - that and she looks great in a wrap dress and was married to a multi-millionaire but I digress.

It's so freaking easy to make, it tastes phenomenal, and when you say you've made your own ice-cream sans ice-cream maker, people think you're some sort of culinary genius, when you're really just a bit lazy.

For more pictures and the recipe, keep reading;
- 75ml pineapple juice from a carton
- 40ml Malibu rum
- a few drops of coconut essence
- 1 tsp lime juice
- 50g icing sugar
- 250ml double cream

1. Pour the measured out pineapple juice, Malibu, lime juice and coconut essence into a large bowl.
2. Add in the icing sugar and whisk until it is dissolved.
3. Whisk in the cream and keep whisking until soft peaks form.
4. Taste mixture, see if proportions need adjusting is needed.
5. Spoon into air-tight container and freeze. Serve as soon as it is frozen, if you can wait that long.

Her recipe makes twice as much, however I recommend only making a small amount as it one, freezes quicker (you'll be eating it quicker!) and two, you can adjust proportions, if you want more or less rum, etc.

And that's literally it. No taking it out of the freezer and whisking, you just mix it all up and leave it - I'm assuming that the alcohol negates any ice-crystals you might get, but it's really amazing. It's really amazing, and tastes great on a warm summery evening outside.

I have a huge sweet-tooth, but I do think it could warrant from a slight kick, perhaps a drizzle of lime-juice or something a bit sharp, but it's one of the easiest recipes I've tried.

Have you tried making ice-cream before? Let me know in the comments!
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pina colada ice cream recipe
pina colada ice cream recipe


  1. I've tried her ice cream without a machine recipes before, but not this one yet! The whisking takes me ages and really tires me out so I tell myself I deserve to eat the ice cream afterwards...

  2. We have an ice cream machine, but I've not used it for ages. This recipe sounds so much easier than others and as a massive lover of pina colada, I'll definitely be trying it out. Thank you for sharing! xx

  3. Helen Jacob-Lloyd5 July 2015 at 20:04

    Oo this flavour combination sounds amazing!!

    Helen x


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