Sunday, April 26, 2015

weekend wanderings #60

new lifestyle blogs to read
  • This week I shared with you my tips for first time runners, which I've unfortunately had to pack in for the mean-time (however, I will definitely take it up when my knee is rested!) and my somewhat unseasonable iced biscuits!
  • If you weren't aware - Sali Hughes makes the most amazing Youtube videos, in which she discusses all things makeup and beauty in a famous (usually a make-up artist's) bathroom, and there is a new one up with Val Garland.
  • Rosie shared with us some photos of her trip around the Dordogne area in France, with some lovely photos of a market in Brive, so perfectly French, it's adorable. She also visited Turenne which looks beautiful. 
  • I'm adding the Horniman museum to my list of places to visit next - I've always been aware of it but never really thought about visiting until I saw Hannah's stunning photos. I'm also having a greenhouse moment again (you'll see next week...) and her photos of the glasshouse at Kew are stunning.
  • Summer is around the corner, and in my house, this means jam making. In the heat of the late summer, my mother can be found stood over a giant cauldron with sugared fruit simmering away - so strawberry jam will forever remind me of summer
  • I need to get more creative with my healthy breakfasts because at the moment I'm downing a fruit juice and scoffing a banana at my desk, and it's just not cutting it! 
  • I'm currently in the progress of planning a little summer break to the north with my friend - we were considering Derbyshire (how very Austen) but recently, Yorkshire has been occupying my thoughts... 
  • I'm crap at photographing birds, but Rachel got a few shots of a lovely woodpecker that frequents her garden!
  • Sarah shows us a beautiful little spot in her local woods that has spring written all over it. 
  • Japan is appealing to me more and more the older I get - I think it's something to do with my obsession with Japanese ceramics or the cherry blossom lined streets. If only it wasn't so far away, and if only I wasn't deathly afraid of flying and earthquakes.. haha... 
  • I really want to have a go at making meringues, it's something I've just never tried but they look really fun and easy - I'm definitely going to try making these rhubarb meringues with ginger cream, they'll be perfect to round off a summer BBQ or picnic...
  • I've got back into knitting again! Hurrah. I had a few months where I just didn't feel like doing it. I kept looking at this jumper I was making for my brother and just couldn't be bothered. But I'm happy again, and browsing patterns again - how adorable are these little double thickness mitts?
  • They're very hipster-Pinterest-y but I absolutely love these golden prism planters, and I had to talk myself out of buying a big copper one in Home Sense the other day..
  • Bethan's mini-playlist is perfect for sunny drives home from work, I've added them into my own playlists!

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