Friday, February 27, 2015

Q #40


I find quotes like these awkward, because I do sort of hate that mentality of like, if someone hates you it's because they're jealous of you? Some people probably just hate you, and that's it. I feel like that is similar to this, in a way. 
However, I've recently realised that I've shed all those toxic friends you have at school and university, who put your down to make you feel better, and recently found myself in such a good place with my little group of work friends and old friends, and I'm just really happy that I have nice people around who support me, and I can in turn support with no bitterness, you know? They're all equal friendships, equalling giving and taking, and it's so nice and chill to get to that point. It's like I'm growing up, or something, god!

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