Wednesday, February 25, 2015

couch to 5k - week 3 review


You might be sick of these posts by now - who knows? If you are, please tell me, and I'll space them out more, but I am really enjoying writing them, and really enjoying the running, too! After this week, I've had some real problems with my knee hurting me, so I'm going to postpone the running until after I've seen the doctor (which I'll be doing on Thursday) before starting week four, and hopefully the bit of a rest will help it, too. 
RUN 1: 8/2/15, 2.2M, cold with a bright sun, clear and a bit of wind.
I was very apprehensive about this run. Running for 3 minutes sounded really hard, when I'd just been able to run for 1.5minutes this week! I set out though, telling myself to just try. The first run is 90 seconds. I loved that 90 seconds! I don't know if I overdid it, but I felt like my body was craving that run, so it was good fun. The first 3 minute run was a tough, but I ran all the way to the end without stopping. The next 3 minutes, was a lot less fun. I got through all the way to the end, even if I did pull my phone out and count down the seconds until I had to stop! Haha. My pace was much quicker than my last run in the ice, for obvious reasons. So all in all, I was a bit of a high this morning, and felt so bloody proud of myself!
RUN 2: 14/2/15, 9.45am, 2.4M, warm (for February!) and sunny, clear and bright.
I felt a bit queasy in the morning, so put of running until I felt up to it, and thought I would take it easy. The walk was fine, and the first 1.5min run, then I had some headphone issues and kept missing the cues to start running or walking, which really annoyed me! Powered through the first 3 minutes, and the second 1.5min run.. Then I realised that I forgot to turn of my Whatsapp and thought a message was the cue to start running, so I think I did a bit more than 3 mins on the second run. I also felt like I kept starting and stopping during my run, so I decided to run a bit on the cool down walk, which is on actual streets! I normally hate people seeing me run, so I felt so brave! I much preferred it too, so I think for my next run I'm going to try and run on the roads/streets and see how that goes...I also bought some new trainers to try out on my next run!
RUN 3: 15/2/15, 8am, 2.2M, cool and foggy.
I ran on the roads for the first time! I ran quicker, today, but found it much harder, not finishing either of the 3 minute runs, which really annoyed me. Not sure if it's because where I normally run is very flat, and this was more hilly, or what, but it was tough. I enjoyed the change, though. New trainers were very comfy, though. 
Thoughts at the end of the week? 
Definitely going to repeat this run at some point in the week, hopefully. Had to work all weekend, which has really pissed me off, cause I won't be able to run until Friday now! 
Weight loss? 
Nope, nothing, na-da. ): 


  1. You're doing really well! The last time I tried couch to 5km I gave up after collapsing in a heap during week 2. I want to start it again and I think I'll keep repeating the week until I can do it a bit easier. I hope your knee feels better soon.

  2. Sounds like you're doing great!

  3. You're doing well! I know the feeling of watching the seconds count down hahaha.

  4. Really interesting post :) you sound like you're doing really well! Hope your knee gets better with a bit of rest xx


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