Friday, January 02, 2015

new year, new me? insert eye-roll here

Lets get it out of the way: Happy New Year! Hello, 2015! Are you still feeling fragile or are you well and truly recovered? Already tired of those "new year, new me" updates all over Facebook? Well, here is mine..  

Just kidding, I don't think that I'm going to be an entirely new person in 2015. In fact, I always kind of thought resolutions were for losers. Not in a mean way, exactly... Just that maybe they existed for those people that lacked conviction: like, why do you need it to be the 1st of January to make a difference in your life? Well, you don't, but I found last year that it helps to kick you up the bum. I made a resolution in 2014 to lose weight, and I lost about 6 stone. So, I've reevaluated my feelings on resolutions. Maybe they're not a bunch of crap, and maybe these people were onto something all those years, after all. 

  1. Lose 50lbs. This sounds a lot, but I lost eighty-five pounds (well, eighty if we're not including the five I lost, then gained throughout December, which we're definitely not, because winter weight, am I right..?!) in 2013. Another fifty would put me somewhere I'm comfortable with, and then I can re-evaluate. 
  2. Start running. This is something I've been considering the last few months, but always thought seemed like something I couldn't do. Fat girls, etc. I've realised though that that the only thing that's really stopping me there is my confidence. Do I care if people laugh at me for trying to get fit? No, I don't, so that shouldn't be the thing that holds me back. 
  3. Get a bra fitted properly. This goes in conjunction with running, but I've lost a lot of weight around my middle and from my boobs, and as such, I have no clue what size I am anymore. None of my bras fit me properly anymore, and I want to be correctly supported when running. 
  4. Move out. Who am I kidding, maybe just get a new job? Hahaha...Again, who am I kidding.. Maybe just, save some more money for when I DO move out? 
  5. Read more. I have so many books on my shelf half-finished, half-started, half-abandoned... I want to make peace with them all, haha. If I enjoy them, finish them, if I don't, fully give up on them, don't leave them in a half-read limbo.
  6. Apply for an allotment. I really miss the time and effort spent at the old allotment, and I want to apply for some new ones. It takes years to get one round here, but you never know... 
  7. Consume less, buy less, leave less impact on the world, live more minimally. I say this every year, but I buy way too much stuff. I just want to own less, take up less space in the world, and leave less impact, so I'm really going to strive to make a difference with this, this year. 
  8. Make more things, and make presents for people, too. On a similar theme as consuming less, I want to make more stuff and buy less. I want to knit more and make presents for people too, because I love receiving hand-made presents, and I have skills and talents that can be made into presents, so I really should just do it. 
  9. Keep on with my blog, and keep up to date with the blogging world. Whilst I don't think I exactly let my blog slide when I started full-time work, it definitely shifted in priority for a couple of weeks, and I gained much more admiration for bloggers who also work hectic jobs. It's taken me 4 months (well probably longer) to actually catch up on my Bloglovin' feed, and I don't want it to get like that again!  
  10. Become a pro photographer. Well, not a pro, but I want to become really au fait with my new camera. I want to know how to take the perfect photo on manual and all that jazz, because I'll be honest, I'm not great.
  11. Love myself. This one sounds weird, I know, like a weird euphemism for something, or a hippyish phrase from Eat Pray Love, and I'm sorry on both accounts, but it needs to be said. I've made a lot of progress this year towards liking myself, lumps and bumps and scars and emotional baggage and all, and I want to keep learning to be comfortable with who I am.
It's a long list, some are kind of silly and throw-away things, but I've meaning to do for ages (allotment, bra), some are steps on my weight loss journey (running, lose 50lbs), some are about me trying to be a better person in the world, and some are just self-centred pursuits to a healthier mental place (but that is good!), but all are important.

What are your goals and resolutions for the coming year? If you want support, or just like to chat about stuff, I'm always here and willing to moan about weight-loss plateau's or failing to understand correctly what SEO's are..! 


  1. You know, I totally get it, I always thought New Year's resolutions were for losers too. But you know what, as I've been thinking about it, I think if nothing else it's a good time to think about what you want to change. Even if it's not something specific like "I will run a mile every day!" at least it gets you thinking about the direction you want your life to go, you know?

    I love your second and third resolutions in particular. I started running this year even though I always said I couldn't, and was amazed to find that it was totally possible. I can't recommend getting a Couch to 5K app enough - it's great if you're a newbie like us. Also, 100% get a bra fitting! It's amazing what a difference it makes to wear a bra that actually fits right. I know a lot of department stores will do it for free :)


  2. I LOVE your resolution of consuming less. This is something I'm trying to get onboard with as well. I feel as though I completely lost sight of things being so involved in a community that hauls, consumes and does everything in excess, through rose-tinted glasses. Forcing myself to downsize to 23kg worth of belongings completely overhauled the way I see material possessions. Happy New Year my lovely - wishing you lots of love, luck, health and happiness <3

  3. I wrote about New Year's resolutions too...which I also find quite
    silly. Goals are better, I like your thing I've been trying
    to do is also to consume less and ask myself if I purely need stuff or
    want them :) I hope you find your own place!

  4. Having your bras fitted is really great, I try to do it at least once a year! A good fitting bra makes all the difference!

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. Love these goals so much, I really want to be better at photography too so I'm going to take up a course! Also, loving yourself is such an important one that I think we are all guilty of forgetting to do from time to time!

    Hope you have a wonderful year!

    Hayley x

  6. That is an amazingly tough thing to have to do, I genuinely think all the clothes I would want to take with me would weigh 23kg! And what about books, and makeup, and like.. my precious collection of ceramic birds and owls?! But yeah, I went shopping today in London and all I bought was a couple of new pens from Muji, I resisted all the beautiful shops, and felt virtuous! Hope you're having a fab 2015 so far, Michelle! x

  7. I'm trying to do some realistic things, and I've managed, so far!

  8. I just have no clue what size I am anymore since losing weight, I really need to get on it and sort myself out, so to speak! haha

  9. Oh thank-you, so far I'm sticking to them so feel really proud of myself! Hope you're having a lovely 2015 so far also! x

  10. I actually found myself sacrificing jumpers (stupid) for mugs in the end!! And forced myself to take staple pieces of clothing that I now mix and match with other things. All very grown-up and not me haha!! x


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