Monday, January 05, 2015

5 post-christmas thank-you card etiquette tips

When I was younger, I always remember writing thank-you cards under the hawk-like supervision of my mother, and it was always something the bratty child in my kind of hated doing. I know, I was such a brat! 

I was shopping for some thank-you cards after realising I couldn't find the ones that I had bought in the sale last year and put somewhere 'safe' and realised that maybe I should write a little post about it. I love getting a random little card in the post, and I know relatives really appreciate it, plus, it makes you not look like an ungrateful brat and is a decent thing to do. 

I picked these cards up in Marks and Spencers, and I liked the little bird, but you can find them all over the place, and its quite useful to have a pack in, for when the moment arises.
1. Timing: Don't send it three months late. I always try and get mine written and posted in the first week of January. I'm running a little late this year, because I've been sick and such. If you are late, I would be brief in your apology, 'Sorry this note is late but thankyou very much for...'

2. Memory: I used to find it hard to remember in the excitement at Christmas, who gave me what. I make a little note on my phone on Christmas and just list who sent me what, in-case I tear the gift-card, or whatever.

3. Handwriting: I think this is a personal bug-bear, because I have awful handwriting, but always try and make the effort to at least write legibly in a card, and I know that it is really not that hard. I'm not saying you have to be proficient in calligraphy, but at least make sure that it is readable.

4. The Gift: I try and include a brief message about the present, or if it was money, what I have spent it on (or intend to spend it on!). Say if it will come in useful to you, or how you're looking forward to using or wearing it.

5. Express gratitude: Be honest and say thank-you. Even if you maybe weren't the greatest fan of the present, show gratitude because the giver has spent the time and money to get you a gift, and hey, maybe you're hard to buy for!

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