Sunday, December 28, 2014

weekend wanderings #44

To round up this week, I've got a few admin-y bits to do.. I've found so many more beautiful things over this Christmas week (when I've actually had time to sit down and read blogs, and for the first time EVER, clear my Bloglovin' feed!) so some Christmassy bits and bobs may spill over into the New Year, but I'm sure you won't mind, right? (:

Also, I'd like to say a GIANT hello to all the new followers I've gained recently! Please, introduce yourself below and share your blogs, you might show up in a Weekend Wanderings next week..! 

And finally, the most exciting point for me, Uncia + Tigris is now found at! That's right, I levelled up! Haha. The links still re-direct, but I'm now all professional sounding, haha.


  1. I was just thinking this weekend how much I'd love to go to Borough Market! Haven't been since the summer and I miss eating food from about 5 stalls before realising I have lunch plans too ;) hope you had a wonderful Christmas and yay for the new domain!! x

  2. I would eat so much food whenever I went to Borough Market, then drown my sorrows in Monmouth coffee - I dream of that coffee!


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