Tuesday, December 23, 2014

on losing weight: christmas bonus

I've been posting this On Losing Weight series about once a month now, for the last few months, and I'm really loving it. I think I've started to bore people with my constant talking about fat and sugar and protein and weight and all sorts of things that are interesting to me because this has become my life.. So I really enjoy nattering on about it here with you guys, and I love your support. I think the January edition will be a super emotional version of On Losing Weight as I'll have been on this journey for a year, but I want to talk about that giant elephant in the room in your weight-loss-plan that is Christmas.

Obviously, you're gonna want to stuff your face at Christmas. And I mean, why wouldn't you? (Except for the fact I am in crippling pain just looking at that fucking wheel of brie, thanks gall-stones.) It's all so good. Goose-fat roast potatoes, pot-roast beef, the chocolate, the cheese, the biscuits and crackers, the sausage rolls and the smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis, the homemade croissants... And I haven't even told you about all the wine, yet.

I have been watching my weight for pretty much a whole year, with the odd exception of weekends and meals out, I've been calorie counting every day, and gym-bound most days, too. So I am having a break, basically. Last week, I decided that I am not going to weight myself until Boxing Day, because I know a few pounds have crept back on. But when you've lost as much as I have, not even going mental at the cheese counter in Waitrose can make me gain all that weight back.

However, my one bit of advice (other than recommending that you go all Bruce Bogtrotter with a bowl of stuffing) is to just take it easy the rest of the time. Like I am telling you to go mad because it's Christmas, and if a western Christmas isn't about decadence, then what is it good for? (I'm joking, but you get the point.) Christmas only happens once, so drink what you like at the Christmas party, go out with your friends for dinner and have a starter, main and dessert and an alcoholic drink. Just maybe, be a bit stricter with yourself in the morning and at lunch; maybe try and resist those chocolates in the office or don't eat the whole bit of cheese...

I wish I could offer you some life-changing tip for keeping on track at this time of year, but really I don't have them. I mean, I'm enabling my whole family and making all-butter croissants for Christmas morning, so I'm not really a giant advocate for a healthy Christmas. And that is my point. My mum laughed at me the other day and said when you fall off the wagon, Clare, you really fall off. She meant it as a joke, but it's true, I've completely gone against all my hard work, but I don't really give a fuck. I don't mind gaining back a few pounds here and there because I know I am more than capable of losing it again!

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