Wednesday, November 26, 2014

taking stock #6

Making: plans for Christmas.
Cooking: mince pies, oh yes oh yes.
Drinking: Charbonnel & Walker hot chocolate, and copious amounts of it.
Reading: Elle & Oh Comely.
Wanting: a brighter few weeks.
Watching: The Missing on iPlayer, because I haven't watched it yet.
Eating: previously mentioned mince pies...
Deciding: on Christmas presents for people.
Wishing: for a snow festive period.
Enjoying: full-time work, actually. After a long period of working part-time, it feels good to be busy.
Waiting: for the winter to really set in.
Loving: regular date-nights with friends from work.
Hoping: my ASOS order comes tomorrow.
Needing: a bit of extra money. ):
Smelling: a sample of a potential new perfume I picked up..
Wearing: black skinny jeans, black & cream two-tone knit-top and wooly socks.
Thinking: about how weird it'll be not to have my brother at home this Christmas.
Hearing: Serial podcast, I'm just re-listening to it all from the beginning.
Feeling: a bit better about stuff, today.
Admiring: other peoples' blogs, I really want to try and make mine the best it can be..
Buying: candles, walking sticks, cheese graters... all presents for people. Oh, and a sneaky dress for myself!
Getting: festive.
I named this picture I snapped earlier ladystark.jpg because I felt like her, wandering around my cold house with this giant grey shawl wrapped round me, haha.


  1. I hate mince pies - otherwise it sounds lovely.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Oh I need to start getting into the mince pie baking that's for sure! Love them. Nom nom. That and I really probably should properly start buying gifts, slacking this year!

  3. I think I've bought just about all of my mXmas presents now, which means that when I'm in Vegas next week, I can buy for me, right?


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