Friday, November 21, 2014


eileen & anne 

I wanted to say that I felt very sad, this week, that I didn't know you better, Grandma, and I know the distance between our homes was not an excuse. I realised today that I did know you well, in that you helped shape my mum, and you made her into the amazing lady she is today...You were a very interesting woman who I got to know through how your raised my mum and how she raised me (I wouldn't know how to knit if it wasn't for you, or bake, or cook or sew, as these are things she learnt from you). I'll remember your handwriting in my recipe books and the things you knit for us, the jewellery I wear, the handbags I carry, and the memory of you letting me play with your cat figurines every time we visited.. I am glad you're no longer in pain, and are at peace, you were very missed today, and always will be.


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