Tuesday, November 25, 2014

autumn leaf bunting diy

I thought I'd show you guys my most recent make, that is hanging proudly in my window, my little autumn leaf bunting. Having been a fan of Attic-24 and her kind of bunting for a while now, I wanted to do something similar that was more me. I'd had this nutscene twine hanging about for a bit and thought I would make some little autumn-leaf bunting. It's a fairly similar pattern, so I'm just linking to the ones that I used, but thought you might like to know how I did it..

- crochet hook, suitable for the size of yarn or twine you're using
- a method of hanging, I like those 3M hooks.
- needle

1. I'm not going to repost the crochet instructions here, partly because I'm crap at crochet, and there are so many out there to choose from. I used this pattern for the large leaf and the medium fat bottom leaf from this page, for the small ones.
2. I will say that if you're using the twine, it's pretty hard on the hands to crochet with,and I found it really tough to just crochet in general, so you may need to be wary of that.
3. Leave enough string to hang them from. I found that I could easily get 1 large leaf and 2 small ones from each small roll of twine, with a length to spare - but then ended up with a giant knot in one of them and had to use the leftover length...
4. When you've crocheted all your leaves, use an iron to gently steam them flat as they have a tendency to curl in on themselves.
5. Sew in any ends, and thread through with a needle onto your length of yarn and hang in your window.
So there you go, it's pretty simple but it looks really cute, and it'll be staying up well into the new year, I think. I might even try making a Christmas-themed garland, though I might try a knitted one next time, because I'm really not very good at crochet (I had to have my mum help me with these because I get super confused between the US/UK crochet terms haha). Let me know if you try this out, I'd love to see photos! 


  1. This is so pretty and creative. I need to learn how to crochet, I bought a kit but gave up very quickly!

  2. That's ingenious, and so cute haha. I've never tried my hand at crotchet though!

  3. This is so cute!! Great job :)


  4. Just another of the million things I'd love to be able to crochet for!!

  5. Urgh. I wish I was talented like you. My house would be so pretty! haha I love this!!! xo

  6. AHH this is so pretty!! I wish I could crochet :( I've literally never tried haha..

    Jemma xx


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