Wednesday, November 05, 2014

a day in the country: royal berkshire county show

A few weeks ago now I won tickets to the Royal Berkshire County show from the wonderful Ruth over at - I remember seeing her previous blog about it and thinking it was really fun looking day-out, so when I won the tickets I was really psyched. However, things didn't go to plan as such on the day, I had to work until 1PM and it rained! 

However, I did get to stuff my face with bread, sausages, cheese, jams, curds and chutney, ice-cream, flavoured liquors and all other kinds of amazing food. I also got to pet some llamas, watch a guy train one to jump over a fence like horses do, pet many, many, many sheep and goats, admire chickens.. I also got to watch some sheepdog trials, see some show-jumping, and get to see some gigantic bulls being judged. Despite the set-backs, it was an amazing day, obviously the llamas and alpacas were my favourites, they're absolute beauts of animals, so soft and friendly and full of personality, I really cannot wait until I've got my own little bit of land in the future and I can keep one.. 

Anyway, this post is to say a giant thank-you to Ruth, who is fast becoming one of my favourite blogger-friends, for the tickets, and to encourage you all to seek out your county show next year! I was worried it would be full of farmers buying tractors, haha, and although there was a bit of that, there is so much other stuff to see, I'm definitely going to try and keep the day free next year so hopefully I can experience the show a bit better! 


  1. Haha, blogging nightmare! So glad you had a nice time, that food tent though. I think the llama's teeth were my favourite when I went ;)

    Also nice to see we're becoming blogging friends, in the most non-creepy way ever :D xx

  2. Congrats on winning the tickets! I hate when I'm somewhere and my camera battery dies! I need to buy an extra for emergencies! :P


  3. Wow those feathers are amazing! Glad you had a good day despite work, rain and a dead camera XD


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