Friday, October 03, 2014

Q #23

A lot of the quotes I post are generally little reminders to myself - this is quite a big one. This time last week I felt awful, like, sobbing on the floor of my bedroom because I felt so bad, and I didn't know how it would ever go away. But it passed, eventually. That makes it sound very easy, or instantaneous - it isn't and it wasn't. It is like dragging your feet through tar each day, crawling back out of that very dark place, to a place that feels better but finally you get there. 
So if you're feeling like that today, maybe this will help? 


  1. I needed to see this today. I'm having a flare up with an illness I suffer with and I'm feeling really down and 'meh' about it. This has reminded me that I've overcome the obstacles many times before, and I will do this time too. Thank you for this <3



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