Wednesday, October 08, 2014

hibernation season

To me, Autumn-fashion is synonymous with big sweaters, long socks, wooly scarves and hats. But when I'm at home and lounging about, and find myself chilly I resort to lugging around my hand-made quilt, dragging it about the house and wrapping myself up in it. This is partly because I'm cold, yes, but also because it's made from flannel (like a fleece!) and is oh-so-soft and cosy.. Unfortunately, this isn't always practical.

A few weeks ago I was having a cheeky evening hot chocolate in Next with my friend Gemma and stumbled across this oh-so-soft and cosy sweater which I really just wanted straight away. I resisted for about a week, but then just caved, and went back and bought it. I do not regret that decision in the slightest. It's incredible soft, if I haven't said that enough already, but it really is. Like baby sheep fleeces or some crap, I don't even know. It's got a really lovely roll neck that you can pull up and keep your neck all warm, or let flop over. I particularly love the little thumb-holes in the sleeves that you can keep hooked down.

Generally, it's just a really great winter-investment, and I can see me getting such a lot of wear out of it in the coming months. I'm really loving getting all comfy in bed or on the sofa and settling down with my laptop for some quiet-time, such a nice thing to do. I'm really pleased with the quality and price actually, for Next, normally I find their quality doesn't match up to their price - like they price their clothes at a higher point than they're really worth - but this I felt was spot on. £20 for something I can even wear out of the house (and have popped to the shops in!) is actually pretty reasonable. I got a bigger size than a needed (XL) because I want to be able to cuddle up in it. 

This isn't a sponsored post or anything, by the way, I just really wanted to share this all with you because I love it show much, and have barely taken it off since I bought it. And it's still in the shops if you want to pick one up!


  1. That sweater looks amazing! I love roll necks at the moment. Currently commenting here whilst cosied up in my bunny ear dressing gown and feeling so darn good. ;)

  2. Oh I definitely need me one of those! I love lounging around home & reading a book or catching up on blogs :) quiet-time is the best :D

  3. Oh that looks so snug and warm - I could of done with one of those when our heating system broke this week for two days - chilly times!

  4. I love flannel! This looks so cosy :) I just picked up an all flannel dress from Primark, so warm, bit of a mistake going to a gig in it but still. I'm after some brushed cotton bedsheets next.

  5. Looks so comfy! It's not cold enough yet for me to walk around with a blanket over me but that is totally what I do too lol


  6. oh my goodness, it looks so fuzzy and comfy! I also like to buy shirts or sweaters a larger then my actual size. Makes it comfier and like you said, cuddle up in it :)


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