Tuesday, October 21, 2014

everyday jewellery + rings

The other day I was thinking about the jewellery that I wear every day and the sentimental reasons behind me wearing it, and thought I'd show you a little peek at the kind of things I decorate my hands with. Generally, I'm not a superstitious person, but around the time I lost one of my favourite rings, I went through a very tough time at uni. I know these things are stupid and unrelated coincidences, but part of me holds these jewels a little tighter when I'm feeling shitty. I think it helps that most of them were either gifts from the women in my family, or bought for me by the women in my family, so it makes me feel like they've got my back, in a stupid way.

I wear on a regular basis quite a lot of jewellery, actually.. I have some pieces that belonged to my grandmother: a gold sovereign necklace and a beautiful sapphire and diamond eternity ring given to her by my grandfather. I also wear a little silver band with flowers engraved into it that I got with my mother in Florence for my 21st birthday. On the other hand, I wear a really special gold ring that was my great-aunts and given to me when she died. The other things I wear are bits and bobs I've collected over the years, like a skinny silver band found when I was at uni, or a plethora of moonstones because I've always been fascinated with them.. 

I could go on and on and on about how special these things are to me, but I think everyone has a piece or two that is special to them. And really, I shouldn't be so superstitious with these things, the memories I have connected to those people carry on even if I'm not wearing those rings, but I feel like they're little reminders of them, when things are shit or I'm really down. 


  1. I don't think feeling sentimentally and spiritually attached to these is silly at all! Personally, I think wearing jewelry can be really powerful juju. After all, they're touching your skin day in and day out. Even if it's just a psychological thing and not a spiritual one, if they remind you of your support network on a bad day, that's reason enough to hold them close. Absolutely loved reading these (and peeping your very pretty rings!).


  2. I'm the same, I don't really have any regular jewelry bar the three rings I always wear. My engagement ring (which was brand new), my wedding ring was actually a gift from my husbands granddad to his gran and it just fitted perfectly and I also wear their original wedding ring on my left hand. They have such a special meaning to me - not only because of the love story they had but the fact that his gran passed them on to me (his granddad died when he was growing up and she's remarried). It's nice to have that link to them and have their love with us and like you said, have those reminders and keepsakes.

  3. I have a couple of pieces of what I'd call "proper" jewellery, either bought for me from jewellery stores or passed down, and they all hold memories. I love that vintage jewellery also has such fab memories associated with it.

  4. Thats what I think, mostly, I think it's all psychological but they definitely remind me that there are people that care about me. I'm glad you liked this post, thanks Cat! (: x

  5. yeah, I do too, I love that I have created my own attachment to jewellery that used to belong to someone else and has it's own unique history! x

  6. I used to wear a lot of costume jewellery when I was younger but since I was given all these special pieces they just pale in comparison! xx


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