Sunday, September 07, 2014

weekend wandering #30

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  • I saw this article on Facebook about this old faux-science show that aired on BBC and I thought they were absolutely hilarious, I can't believe that I never saw these when they aired for the first time? I love the Calcium one, in particular, it makes me laugh so much.
  • I'm going through a serious moment with any form of butternut squash at the moment, be it in soup or baked with a roast chicken - and this butternut squash and sage pizza looks like it would hit the spot just nicely.
  • I feel like there have been lots of 'short novels you should read' posts floating about this week - these are the two I've found most interesting, and bookmarked for later use: see here at and over at Buzzfeed. I was particularly intrigued by the sounds of Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach trilogy, and there's even a short sample on the website. 
  • On the topic of books, I found this really fascinating about a future project from Margaret Atwood. It's weird to think about things past your lifetime, it makes my head feel strange.
  • This recipe for salted caramel apple hand pies is probably partly on this list due to GBBO, I won't lie. Those poached pear things they did this week are right up my street, but then again, anything with pastry and fruit often is.
  • These beautiful photographs of a Swiss getaway have me suddenly reneging on my wish for winter, and makes me want to disappear somewhere sunny.
  • Sad dads at a one direction concert - it really needs no more information than that.
  • After writing about my struggles with eating earlier in the week, I thought that stumbling across this article was a strange coincidence -  I'd like to warn you though that it might be triggering for some people; Notes on an Eating Disorder
  • After sharing my  own handmade foot-scrub earlier this week featuring coconut oil, I've been wondering what other things I could do with it, and this DIY whipped coconut & green tea moisturiser looks practically good enough to eat. 
  • In our freezer we have a few pounds of plums from when a friend gifted us them from her plum-tree, I've been mulling over various things we could do with them, and this upside down plum cake I feel could be made with some cinnamon and do very nicely at Christmas-time.. 
  • I've had this recipe open on my browser whenever I open it all week: courgette hummus. I don't know why but I immediately want to make any version of hummus(/houmous/houmus) I see.. I just really like hummus.


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