Wednesday, September 24, 2014

hello autumn + seasonal bucket list

- Tiring myself out with long autumn walks.
- Preferably in the mist or the rain..
- Or even when it's that wonderful crisp weather but it's still sunny.
- Coming home to my mother cooking a roast and the house smelling amazing...

- There are few things better than watching the rain when you're all cozied up inside
- Big jumpers, long socks, hot tea.
- Reading a good book in bed on a cold morning
- Further pursuing the best cup of coffee, this time with a seasonal twist

- I've promised myself I'll knit a big cable sweater this autumn, I've downloaded the pattern...
- I used to collect conkers every year when I was a kid, it's something I want to do this year.
- Firework night is my favourite, even as an adult.
- Although we don't have the allotment this year, I'll still badger my dad for a bonfire..

Yesterday was the autumnal equinox, yup, that means its official autumn. I no longer have to feel a twinge of guilt for pinning pictures of beautiful autumnal foliage or posting photos of sweaters and boots with accompanying emoji's on my Instagram. Make no mistake, I'm still going to do these things, but now I don't have to feel ashamed.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a round-up of seasonal recipes I want to make now we're officially into my favourite season. Today, though, we're talking an autumn bucket-list. To see all these pictures on a regular basis, don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!
What are some of the things you want to do this year?

(Photos credits where possible are found on my Pinterest board.)


  1. WOW!! Gorgeous photos... I love autumn/fall so much... the cooler weather is finally ALMOST here (I love in Florida so it takes awhile) and I finally get to bring out the tights, scarves and boots! I don't have much planned for this season, just going to try and visit some theme parks! :)


  2. Oh wow, I bet you do have to wait a bit for the Florida weather to cool! It's that irritating inbetween stage at the moment here, where it's cold in the mornings and evenings but does heat up to a reasonable temperature in the middle of the day - really frustrating for dressing cause I just wanna bust out my sweaters! haha x


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