Sunday, September 28, 2014

down, but not out

I'm afraid there is no Weekend Wanderings post from me today (though some of the old ones are good ones!), as I've done a few of those kind of link-up posts this week - here are some autumn good autumnal recipes and some activities I want to do before the season is up if you fancy having a look!

I'm also going to be honest today and say that I'm really not in the best shape for blogging today, and this week has been a tough one. I don't want to force happiness or falseness in my blog if I'm not feeling well. My mood has not been the best, and it's unfortunate at this time of year, one that I really love, that my depression always descends again, and I really struggle with day-to-day living. 

A few things are changing in my life, too, which is making things feel even more turbulent: I've recently found a full-time job, but obviously with that comes some changes that I need to adjust to, so blogging may be a little sporadic over the coming weeks.. But, stay with me, and hopefully I'll be back on track as soon as possible.. (: 


  1. Sending lots of hugs and cups of tea your way. Life is more important than blogging, especially when it comes to your health x

  2. I hope you start to feel better soon. Looking after yourself is far more important than blogging. Xx

  3. Hope that you feel better soon, congratulations on bagging a full-time job though, hope it's going well. :)

  4. I start next week so I'll let you know! Feelings a lot better today, thanks Ruth. (: x

  5. Thank-you, I really appreciate your kindness (: It definitely is, I've learnt that over the years! xx

  6. Thank-you so much - it really help a lot to see people sending nice thoughts my way when I'm down. (: xx


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