Monday, September 15, 2014

dead easy pie crust (with blackberry filling)

This is my mum's dead-easy pie-crust recipe. Perfect for when the shops have shut on Sunday afternoon and we want to make something with our foraged blackberries and we don't have any fat in so we'll just butter and shove it all in the oven because the roast will be ready in thirty minutes. Eaten with copious amounts of cream, it's pretty good. Basically I love pies, hate the faff of making pastry
- 8oz plain flour
- 4oz butter (you can use lard or trex or something, if you want)
- 40ml water
- 1-2 tbsp of sugar
- 450g/1lb of blackberries, washed
- A few tablespoons of sugar, about two to season the filling, and another two for the pie

1. Add butter/fat to the flour. Rub with fingers in a lifting motion, which sounds weird, I know - here, Delia explains it better than I can.
2. When it's all combined, with no big lumps of butter left, use a small amount of water to bring it altogether.
3. You can chill it now, if you like, but this will probably be made in our house when there is no time to spare. Like, a neighbour has turned up at 5.30PM with a bag of apples/plums/raspberries and we all fancy a pie for dinner and we have no pre-made pastry in the fridge (shh). What I'm saying is, like sifting flour, things rarely are left to rest in our house.
4. Roll out to a thin layer, and wet the rim of your pie-dish with some water.
5. Place all your filling into pie-dish and cover the blackberries with a couple of tablespoons of sugar.
6. Using the rolling pin to help you, place the pie-crust over the dish. Press down around edges and make a small hole to let steam out.
7. Brush a bit of water on the top of the pie and sprinkle with another tablespoon or so of sugar.
8. Bake until golden-brown - if it's browning a bit too much, give it a foil hat.
It's not going to win me any prizes in the bake-off, nor will it win a beauty contest. Delia and Mary Berry would most definitely not approve. But Nigella might have approved of all the extra-thick double-cream I ate with a second helping at 10PM later that night.. 


  1. This looks delicious, I have a load of frozen blackberries that I picked a couple of weeks ago and this would be the perfect use for them!

  2. Seriously this looks extremely delicious! Wish I was a good cook I'd totally give it a try but for now I'll just feed my eyes :) ///Thanks for leaving your link after the #lbloggers chat!

  3. Oh this sounds really easy! i've never made my own pie crust before, might have a go at this one.

  4. Ah, it would definitely be perfect for them! I've got a lot frozen and ready for the winter months when I'm craving them!

  5. It's really super easy - people seem to make a lot of noise about making really good pastry but I think as long as it's tasty and you can eat it with lots of cream, it'll be a-ok.

  6. I went on a blackberry hunt the other day!

  7. I want that pie! It looks delicious! That's a lot of blackberry picking, but I bet it was fun :)



  8. Surprisingly, it only took us about an hour and a half, not bad for an afternoons work!


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