Sunday, July 27, 2014

weekend wanderings #24

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How amazing does this walnut rum cake look? It just looks so tasty, I want to make it so much. On a similar note - this Pineapple Coconut Bundt cake is on my radar..  Maybe I just want to make something in a funny kind of tin?
- I used to buy so many clothes from charity shops, but recently I haven't been doing that as much - I have discovered a few 'thrift-store' Youtubers that make me reallyyy want to get back into it - Thrift ThickSalamanda and Sarah Hawkinson are my favourite ones. If you know of any others, particularly UK ones, I would love to know! I'm loving these sorts of Youtubers, they're really refreshing when everyone is making the same old content on Youtube at the moment.
- I made a batch of lemon curd the other week (recipe coming this week, I promise!) and I need to find something to do with that doesn't involve eating it with tablespoons straight from the jar. This recipe for lemon curd tartlets looks so good, I'm definitely going to have a go at them as soon as I can.
- When I was little I had an amazing little flower-press that I adored and would keep all sorts of little treasures pressed in - it is long, long gone though, so I want to try and make one (or press them in a book) so I can make this beautiful little framed things. I'm always coming back from walks and allotment trips with little flowers so pressing them like this would be amazing. 
- GabiFresh has been one of my favourite plus-size bloggers for as long as I can remember - I highly recommend checking out her blog if you like that kind of thing, but I really loved her photographs of her holiday in Montana - it looks so idyllic and perfect, I just want to go there!
- A friend of mine linked this on her Facebook today, and whilst I have become aware of 'women against Feminism', it's never really entered into my world until recently. This is a very good thing to read, A Response to Women Against Feminism. I am quite passionate about feminism and I get frustrated when I hear that people think it isn't necessary or isn't relevant anymore.. this article expresses everything I feel about it much more succinctly than I ever could. 
I love this collection of photographs at Julia Kostreva's blog. Everyone time a new season rolls around, I am reminded of how the light will change, the light at dusk is one of my favourite things in the summer, as it's the only time the light comes into my room in the evening and I get the most amazing light there. I know I will miss it in the autumn.
- I don't know why I've talked about food this week, clearly that is just on my mind this week! This blog is my dream, literally, I've been craving things with peaches, plums and all sorts of berries all week and The Broken Bread has it all, with amazing photographs.

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  1. I so love that flower press. There's something really magical about it. I bet a how-to would make a really great blog post!



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