Sunday, July 20, 2014

weekend wanderings #23

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  • I want my future home to look just like this, I love how many plants there are! I need more trailing plants or fig trees in my life.
  • On a similar theme - I really want green, palm-tree print things. It just feels summery, to me.
  • I feel like I've seen these photos before, but they're just so fascinating to me - there is a hole in the ground that has been burning for forty years in Turkmenistan: and someone went into it to take samples. The pictures are just incredible, I wish there was more information.
  • I always see pictures of infused waters, and I know they look lovely, but I've never actually managed to get them to taste like anything much. These ones at Tasty Yummies look interesting to me because they have some herbs in, as well as fruit, which I think might help give them some taste - they're next on my list to try!
  • I've seen so many articles and features about wild-swimming this summer, it's something I've become obsessed with the idea of. I used to love swimming when I was younger, in the sea particularly, and it's something I've not done since I was little but I really want to try it.. I'm going to force myself to do it either this summer, or next.
  • I have been really loving oversized mens shirts this summer, they've apparently become my staple these last two hot weeks. I've got a really nice white linen one, and a blue Oxford stripe style one, both from Marks & Spencers, that I'm loving pairing with grey jeans, or light denim shorts, my new Birkenstocks and my hair scraped into some semblance of a bun to avoid looking like Monica in the humidity
  • These photographs of Queenstown are absolutely amazing - the mountains, the snow, the lake, ugh, if I didn't want to go to New Zealand so badly already, this would've done the trick. Deluminators is one of my favourite blogs, Jane always takes such beautiful photographs, I highly recommend it.

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