Tuesday, July 08, 2014

taking stock #2

Making: a shift dress out of sumer beautiful blue and white floral fabric.
Cooking: halloumi, lots of halloumi, in salads, all day erry day.
Drinking: water! Still on the health kick.
Reading: alternating between Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and finishing off Leviathan by Phillip Hoare.
Wanting: my RSI to stop playing up so I can get on with some knitting!
Looking: at my growing cacti with pride.
Eating: cupcakes with my home-made lemon curd.
Deciding: to be extra healthy this week, and challenge myself with more exercise..
Wishing: for good luck with job applications..
Enjoying: sneakily indulgent white choc chip Sainsbury's cookie.
Waiting: for the sun to set.
Loving: the long, still light evenings we had last week.
Hoping: this week will be just as lovely (it's not right now).
Needing: a second job.
Smelling: my C&E Orange hand-cream.
Wearing: blue jeans rolled up, black tank, and a sheer black blouse over it. Birkenstocks.
Thinking: tomorrow.
Hearing: the magpies pecking at my window.
Feeling: restless.
Admiring: my freshly painted toe-nails (neon orange - China Glaze Sun Worshipper!)
Buying: car insurance. That time of the year again. ):
Getting: a free pom-pom maker, thanks Mollie Makes!
(Sorry I spaced on a Weekend Wanderings post this weekend - I had to stay an extra 3 hours at work for a meeting on Sunday - which is when I normally write them! - and I was exhausted when I got home, I just wanted to watch the tennis.. My bad!)

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