Friday, June 06, 2014

Q #8

A much longer quote, today, and I have had it saved on my tumblr for quite some time, now, but it's something G.R.R Martin (the author of the Game of Thrones books, for anyone hiding under rocks) posted on his website. I have been fed fantasy novels all my life by my mother, a huge fan of all things fantastical and science-fictiony, and whilst I have a love of 'serious' literature, of existential writing and the more philosophical, I felt that at university, it was practically an embarrassing thing to admit to liking such things. And whilst sometimes I love a 'serious' novel into the depth of the human condition, (or some other such trite phrase you might find on a dust-jacket), part of me thinks that if you can write anything, why not write about beautiful, luxurious, colourful places.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and my fathers today, so any posts you might see from me this weekend will probably be scheduled in advance, and there may or may not be a Weekend Wanderings this week, I'm not sure, either way, have a lovely weekend! 

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