Tuesday, June 10, 2014

of red kites and elderflowers

I mentioned it briefly on Sunday, but I had a really nice day out on Sunday with my parents - it involved a little walk around some towns near Hambleden, particularly to this amazing spot my dad found the other week where there are so many Red Kites flying around - they come really low so you can really see their size and just how beautiful there.. my photography really doesn't do them justice.. they're one of my favourite creatures, they really are. I think because where I live, you don't see many birds of prey - the odd buzzard if you're out in the fields or on the common - but in the last ten years or so of my life (maybe less?) they have become more widespread and I really do love seeing them overhead. Anyway, we had a little wander through some country lanes, had lunch and I even did a spot of knitting. I also decided I really want an elderflower tree..

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