Sunday, June 08, 2014

my birthday week

me and my papa  -  my mum and my dad  -  a bird managed to get inside the feeder  -  dinner with dad
a new aloe vera plant from lidl  -  blue araucana eggs  -  birthday moon and a cat on a roof  -  birthday makeup in b&w
casting on new knitting projects  -  knitting in the garden  -  our pak choi flowering by mistake  -  finishing my yellow hat
my mum fashioned a shirt/dress from a scarf with a leopard on  -  strawberry birthday cake  -  a church in buckinghamshire  -  my dad taking me to the best field ever (more on that tomorrow..) 

I've had a really relaxing week this week - I turned twenty-four yesterday, which feels really weird. I feel like I've had a lot of mental stuff to deal with this year, and its made me feel a lot older, but after getting over a cold and finishing a horrible week of shifts at work, I've enjoyed doing homey things, like going to the allotment with my dad, organising his party with my mum, managing to get to the gym every day this week (oh yes) and then having a very relaxing weekend, with a little excursion today that was lovely lovely. I honestly couldn't be bothered to get all the stuff together for a weekend wandering today because I've had such a chill day, so you'll probably get a bumper edition next week! 
Right then, hope you've all had a great weekend and got a little bit of sunshine wherever you are - I'm off to eat dinner, a saffron and lemon chicken recipe from my new cookbook - Persiana!

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