Thursday, June 05, 2014

breakfast rituals

I really love a good cup of coffee, however I am not the biggest fan of instant coffee, and my family aren't really big coffee drinkers: so until I recently purchased a one-cup Bodum cafetiere I've not really known the joy of drinking freshly brewed ground coffee. Now, I absolutely love it. It's not just the taste, which I think is better, and richer than instant, but it's the time it takes to make, which gives me enough time to fetch the paper, make myself a bowl of Greek yoghurt and orange-blossom honey (my current favourite, it's perfect) and settle down at the table.. I'm really enjoying this little morning ritual that I have. Even if I don't manage it every day, or when I'm working, I really enjoy taking the time to have my yoghurt and coffee in peace and quiet, flicking through the papers.
(Also, can I point out how cute my mums bowls and mugs are? They were from M&S in the sale, and they're so lovely.)

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