Sunday, May 18, 2014

weekend wanderings #17

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After doing a sort of themed WW last week - I realised that a lot of the things I've been devouring, so to speak, this week, have been food related.. Anyway, whilst I'm sat here in the garden, very full from the first barbeque of the year, it was so good, here is what I've been wanting to eat..
  • I've seen lots of recipes this week that are pistachio-crusted something, and it's left me with a serious craving for pistachios. When I saw this pistachio crusted asparagus I really wanted to try it out - along with a pistachio-crusted salmon that I've seen - it also makes me want to give asparagus another go (I couldn't get on board with it before) because it looks so good.
  • I really enjoy couscous when other people make it - I can't seem to get the right consistency, which is irritating. I'm definitely trying this vegetarian quinoa chilli this week - Tuesday I think - I have all the ingredients and it looks so good.
  • On a list of things I really like are honey + hexagons - A Beautiful Mess combined these to make amazing honeycomb sugar cookies, which look so pretty. 
  • All I want at the moment is iced things - I'm making up lots of ice-cubs and shoving them in everything and these summer slushes look like they'd hit the spot exactly (not to mention how much I'm craving a perfect iced-coffee).
  • I've been consuming so much salad now I'm on my diet that I think I am keeping my local in cucumber and tomatos singlehandedly... This salad with grapefruit, honey, berries and mint is a fruit salad, really, but you could chuck some salad leaves in there too, I love a mixture of bitter and sweet.
  • The food processor we use at home recently broke, and why is that as soon as that happens, I want to make a hundred ice-lollies and smoothies and need a blender? I bought some silicone ice-lolly moulds because I never have much luck with the old fashioned kind, and have been hunting down ideas for it - these 'firecracker' ones and these variegated ones look so good - particularly the coconut ones..
  • And finally, a really love post over on Lyzi's blog about a birthday picnic which just looks really sweet - I'm only a little bit jealous of how cute her wicker hamper is..


  1. Love this post! Those popsicles/ice lollies look immense, don't they? (also, your blog is just gorgeous!)

    1. They look so good! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog, I'm such a fan of yours, its so lovely. Congratulations on your engagement, too!


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