Monday, May 26, 2014

the dog in the bluebells

It's a very wet, miserable bank holiday Monday, here, today - I somehow wrangled the day off work last minute (normally I have to work bank holidays) and now I have nothing to do because the weather is awful and I planned nothing. I went to see a local textile exhibition with my mum this morning which had some cool stuff in, but now I'm sat here, listening to a bit of the latest Must Stash podcast, and trying to tackle the pile of laundry in my bedroom, exciting stuff. 

I thought I would give you some slightly nicer photographs than that lovely image, from when me and my friend Amy took her dog to the local bluebell wood last week. I've been to the area so many times, I had two friends that lived a hundred metres from the wood, but never knew it was there until Amy showed me. Her lovely pup, Monty, who I think is just the funniest dog loved it, and we tried to get him to sit and look cute in the grass but he wasn't really having it. The sun came out for a bit, but then it started raining and we hurried home, but it was really lovely finding a hidden little treasure like that.. I think the bluebells are gone, now, but I'll be sure to enjoy them again next year.

(PS - the title of this post reminds me of those Animal Ark books I used to love when I was a kid - did anyone else read them? I was obsessed with them.. haha)


  1. Lucky you for having such a lovely place to visit. It's so pretty with all those flowers and must have been amazing to see in real life!

    1. I've actually never seen anything liked it, so it was well worth the sudden downpour and the mucky boots afterwards, such a lovely little place. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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