Wednesday, May 14, 2014

taking stock #1

I first saw this post over on Fill My Little World, and saw that it was a regular thing over on Meet Me At Mike blog, and thought it could be a cute little thing to post today, as I'm not really up to much and have just been pottering about the house after a bit of a rough night.
Making: a new hat (pictured above) - which has worked its way onto my needles.
Cooking: butternut squash canneloni, for dinner.
Drinking: water, I'm trying to challenge myself to drink more every day.
Reading: Leviathan by Phillip Hoare.
Wanting: it to be sunny again tomorrow, so I can go and do something!
Looking: put my window and appreciating the sunshine.
Playing: catch-up on sleep.
Wasting: time before going to work later (boo).
Deciding: whether or not to bother with makeup before work..
Wishing: for hot summer days.
Enjoying: my new Aladdin water bottle, recommended by Gemma.
Waiting: for dinner to be cooked.
Loving: the fact I finished my Lopi sweater!
Hoping: work tonight will run smoothly, because I feel a little rough.
Needing: a holiday.
Smelling: a Citrus and Cilantro candle and my neighbours freshly-cut lawn.
Wearing: my gym stuff, still!
Thinking: about the moment, for a change. Normally my head is caught up in worrying about the future.
Hearing: my neighbours gossiping outside.
Feeling: a little achy after convincing myself the gym was a good idea (it probably wasn't).
Admiring: newly knitted things.
Buying: birthday presents for everyone else - brothers, dads, friends, etc.
Getting: itchy feet - I feel like I have been in the same place for too long.

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