Tuesday, May 27, 2014

showertime scents - korres shower-gel

If there is something I can never resist, it is getting something for free, and Waitrose currently have the amazing Korres shower-gels on offer: two for one. They had the same offer about a year ago, and I quickly snapped up four of them (shh, I know it's overkill, but they're literally the best shower-gels I've ever tried). A couple of weeks ago I realised I was down to my last one, and what perfect timing it was to see them on offer again. I got my favourite scent - Basil Lemon - and a few other new ones to try. I literally haven't found one that I don't like, even their Japanese Rose version (I'm not really into florals) was amazing. 
They are really rich feeling on the skin with good oils that moisturise the skin beautifully, and full of good ingredients in pretty packaging; I love the different designs on each one and how they list their contents so simply, great for people who might be allergic to something, or who want Vegan/Vegetarian products, etc. The Bergamot Pear and the Guava are just sweet enough without being too over powering or childish, and the Basil Lemon is the perfect sharp, citrus scent that I want for a summery body-wash. The Vanilla Cinnamon smells like Christmas and Autumn, and every scented candle I buy between October and February, so I'm saving that for later in the year. I also really love their Fig and Mango scents, too, they're great little luxury treats to use every day when you jump in the shower in a rush.
The only place I've seen these where I live is in Waitrose, if you want to smell them in person - but a quick google tells me that some of them are also on offer at feelunique.co.uk for the same price - I highly recommend having a look if you're in the market, they're on they more expensive side for a body-wash at £8.00, but at £4.00 you cannot go wrong.
Have you tried these, what did you think? 

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