Saturday, May 24, 2014

planning party dresses

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Despite the fact I used to post a lot about fashion on here - I feel like I have stopped caring a lot about the things I put on my body these days. I basically live in a uniform of black (continued on from my university days where it was useful to hide the ink stains) and dressing up consists of putting on an unstained pair of jeans or trousers and a smart blouse. 
That said, there are parties quickly approaching that I will have to look presentable at and I thought I would treat myself to something new, and something colourful, for a change. I've resorted to ASOS, because as much as I can't stand their awful customer service, they do have brands that I like and a good selection of bigger sized clothes. 
I need two dresses, one for my dad's 60th birthday party, and one for a casual birthday party of my own with a few close friends. I'm thinking the blue or the green will be perfect for my dads 'do, one of the red and orange dresses for mine - I've got these lovely platform heels I haven't had a chance to wear yet. 
But as is the way with these things, they could get here and be awful! I will keep you posted, because I know you're all hanging on the edge of your seat there. 

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