Thursday, May 29, 2014

just pinterest things

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I've had a couple of sick days this week, today and yesterday I have felt like death warmed up - I was caught in the rain in London on Tuesday, and I think it gave me a cold. Today I woke up late after not sleeping well, rushed into work, found out they really didn't need me, and had to deal with a complete asshole at 9AM... I was home by 9.10AM, and I think I needed that. 
The rest of the day was spent napping and sneezing intermittently on the sofa, wrapped in my lovely quilt, which me and my mother have taken to calling my blankie cause I've had it wrapped around me all day...

Anyway, I apologise if you follow me on Pinterest - I have literally spent most of the day hunting down things I want to eat, things I want to make, things I want to do this summer, and summery pictures - my apologies if I spammed you with jam, I have a serious thing for jam and the smell of sugar and fruit cooking in the kitchen. 
Don't forget to link me to your Pinterest accounts, please! I go through phases with it but I am fully obsessed with hunting down the perfect summer recipes at the moment.

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  1. Pinterest is like an endless spiral of great things. Donut peaches, oh my!


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