Sunday, April 27, 2014

weekend wanderings #14

  • Apparently I've had my head somewhere else this week, because I've been obsessed with travel videos and photography of other places, one of the things I have really been enjoying are Ladiedottie's vlogs. She lives in Reno in the states and documents her life daily, and the videos are so amazing, they make me want to drop everything and go drive around mountains forever. She also has an amazing outro song that I have to listen to the very end of, it's lovely.
  • I find Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart so adorable, together and this video made me and my mum laugh, they're the perfect old-married-couple.
  • Photos of a trip to Italy that are giving me itchy feet again. I want an Italian summer, this spring rain is starting to get on my nerves.
  • I've actually never read anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez until he's died, but I read these 6 short stories after reading about magical realism, and it's made me want to read some more.
  • A very photography-heavy post today, but these 80's spring break photos are everything, just so great and a real frozen moment in time. I feel like even though there is so much digital media and photography at the moment, because it is digital, a lot of it will disappear as I get older. These are things I worry about, even though I probably shouldn't..
  • These fashion illustrations using petals are something that I find so cool, I used to be really obsessed with fashion illustration, I still love it, but don't consume as much of it as I used to, and this was enjoyable to see.
  • I came across Fill My Little World this week, and I absolutely love everything she posts, just a really lovely blog with not nearly enough followers.
Right guys, I've had a very healthy eating day today, knowing that I wanted to have some ice-cream tonight and oh man am I excited for that. Now I need to find my slippers because I have chilly feet. 


  1. Well done with the diet! I`m hoping to start doing ootd as a motivation to loose weight! Resisted a packet of crisps last night! This girl done good! haha

    1. Well done! It's such a struggle sometimes - particularly when i'm on my break at work and everyone is tucking into chocolate bars..

  2. Hello Claire Marie,
    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for including me on this list. I came by your blog after noticing that I'd had a bit of traffic from yours and with such a beautiful space you hold, it was wonderful to find you and in such a lovely way. Thank you so much for your kind words and I look forward to reading more from you.
    Love, Beeta

    1. I completely forgot to reply this - but that's absolutely no problem! I really loved your blog as soon as I saw it - I'm glad I could share a little love!


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