Monday, April 21, 2014

weekend wanderings #13

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  • I have a friend that loves making pom-poms, and I came across this absolutely amazing step-by-step guide on how to make fruit pom-poms. I am so excited to show her this next time I see her! I'm considering scouring my mothers yarn-drawers for some appropriate coloured wool - that watermelon one is calling me..
  • An essay extract on the colour blue. This might just appeal to me, but maybe a few of you out there are as intrigued by colour as I am. 
  • I don't know why, but I really want a beautiful crystal and copper water decanter and cup set. I just feel like there is a hole in my life there - it would make drawing water the most beautiful, ritualised thing. The set comes with charcoal to purify the water. It's an absolutely stunning piece of design that I need.
  • For forty years, a family was cut off from civilisation in the Siberian wilderness. Stories like this make their way into my periphery every so often and I'm fascinated by them. If I was a writer, I would want to write stories about things like this. But I'm not, so I just stick to imagining how amazing that book would be. How language changes over time intrigues me, in insular communities, and how people can survive like that.
  • This Ficticious Dishes book by Dinah Fried has been popping up on my Facebook and Tumblr feeds this week and they so amaze me - I have this weird fascination with how food is described in novels, and seeing them so perfectly laid out and stylised really appeals to me. It's on my wishlist now, anyway.
  • And two blogs I am enjoying this week are and
I haven't done one of these in such a long time, but I found a whole lot of things around the internet this week that I wanted to share with you - so thought I would do this. Be sure to check out some of my old posts like this, they have some interesting little tidbits. Also, I'm posting this on Monday because it's a bank holiday, which is basically still the weekend, right? Even if I had to work today!

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