Wednesday, April 02, 2014

just summer spring things

I know that really, it's only just spring, but today was so nice though, I felt tricked into thinking it was later in the year. I had a summer dress on and my sunglasses and was sunning myself with my mum in the twenty-two degree weather that I could be forgiven for hoping that this warm weather sticks around, right? 
I feel like this post is very blogger-y, which makes me laugh, because I'm not, at all. Like, cherry blossoms and close-up photos of food and candles, haha. Oh well, these things make me feel like summer! The cherry trees where I live are all coming into blossom and it really is one of my favourite things. Ours blossomed on Saturday, and it's been buzzing with bees ever since, so today I pinched a bit for my room. 
I also know summer is on the way when strawberries start getting cheaper in the stores, and I eat them out of my mum's really adorable patterned bowls with copious amounts of my new favourite yoghurt and wildflower honey. I've been obsessed with greek yoghurt and honey at the moment - but I think that is probably a whole different post about my 'healthy eating' haha. 
This candle I got in Tesco today, it's one by Price's and it apparently smells like Earl Grey tea - I'm not sure about that but it sort of smells like a fresh, but slightly spicy orange (my mum tells me this is bergamot, apparently!) which I am enjoying. 
Anyway, this has sort of been a nothing-y post, but I am content with that. Hopefully, I'll have some more interesting things for you over the next few weeks, if I don't descend into a Game of Thrones/ASOIAF coma  (I'm desperately trying to finish ADWD Part 2 before the next season starts!). 
Right, let me know what you're up to this week, if anything! 

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