Tuesday, April 22, 2014

groundbreaking florals

After living inside giant hand-knit sweaters and brothers/fathers hand-me-downs for five months, I feel like I've emerged from hibernation these past two weeks. This, coupled with the fact I've lost quite a bit of weight this year, have made me seriously need some spring-appropriate clothing. I went with the intention of getting just a few basic black vests (why stray from tradition, I suppose?) and happened on this t-shirt in Primark. It's so different from anything I usually wear, that I really love it. It's just a black t-shirt in the back, but it's just the right length for a t-shirt on my 5'10 1/2 frame (so it would probably run longer on shorter girls). I wore this on Easter sunday with my blue pants for lunch with the family, and it looked nice, I think.
Of course, I got the obligatory black and white vests and such, as well as a really nice sheer kimono from H&M, and a light-weight knit kimono/cardigan from there too. Good things. Now I just need a warm day when I'm not stuck at work to wear them!


  1. Beautiful top and well done with the weight loss! :)
    I am trying to loose weight also, I`m getting there! ... very slowly, though! haha
    Hugs, Debbie

    1. thank-you! i keep getting frustrated with how slow it is, losing weight, then i remember i didn;t gain all that weight in a month, it's been over years, so I should be more patient! good luck with your own journey (:


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