Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter feasts

Easter Sunday is a thing I really love. Having worked practically every Sunday (minus the 4 or 5 weeks of holiday I get per year..) since I was like, 17, I really enjoy getting Easter off. I did have to do a horrible shift yesterday, though, in which I chipped my tooth (on the most inconvenient bank-holiday weekend when NO dentists are open!) so I feel that I really deserve this day off. Anyway, Easter isn't anything, really, without Rice Krispie nests - I had to go to three different stores to try and find mini-eggs because apparently they were sold out everywhere on thursday? What is up with that. Anyway, they're the laziest 'cake' to make, but they looked cute in these giant Ikea cake cases I had lying around.
This week, my younger brother is back from uni, and my older bro and his girlfriend are popping by for lunch today, so I'm looking forward to a lunch-time roast with the family and Easter chocolate and chilling with absolutely nothing to do all day except try not to cut my mouth on what feels like the fang I have. Now I'm off to read some books, do a bit of knitting, eat Lindt bunnies and roast veg and probably have an afternoon nap like on Christmas day, haha.
Happy Easter if you're into that, if not, enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

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