Friday, March 28, 2014

finished friday

I bought this amazing bright green yarn from at Unravel in Farnham at the end of February - after a few unsuccessful attempts at starting this sock, I finally managed to alter the pattern to fit my fat calves and re-do the awful heel. I discovered a lot with this sock: that I cannot fathom wrap-and-turn short-rows, that toe-up socks are really great, and I have more perseverance than I thought. I had to start each sock about two/three times each, but I got there in the end and now they are precious, precious. But aren't they fancy? I don't know when I'll wear them. I've been wearing them in bed since I made them, since I don't want to wear them out in my boots or getting them dirty in the kitchen, and my other socks take a bit of a beating as I wear them in my walking boots.

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